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    Sacraments offered at Blessed Sacrament Parish.
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Prior to the celebration of the sacrament, parents who wish to present their child for Baptism at our church are to meet with Fr. Peter for a Baptismal Preparation session before scheduling their child's baptism.  Baptisms are celebrated the third weekend of the month during liturgy, at one Mass, on a rotational basis. Call Fr. Peter at the Parish Office for more information, and/or to schedule a time to meet with him, at 330-372-2215.


In early spring here at Blessed Sacrament, in accordance with the guidelines of the Diocese of Youngstown, Confirmation is celebrated during the eighth or ninth grade. Teens desiring to be accepted into the preparation program must have completed at least two years of Junior High religious education at this parish or at a Catholic Middle school. Our Confirmation program provides a very significant role for parents as well as the sponsor. All public and parochial school students are expected to attend the program.


A First Eucharist Program is offered for parents for their own formation and to assist them in providing the proper environment for their children. Parents are obligated to attend these sessions. Religious Education programs in Catholic school or FFS will assist the parents and provide for an ongoing formation in faith. The parish promotes individual First Eucharist celebrations. However, a group family First Eucharist celebration is offered as an alternative.


Couples wishing to plan for a wedding are asked to meet with Fr. Peter at least six months in advance.  This will allow sufficient time for necessary preparations to be made on the part of the couple as well as the priest, who must carry out the responsibility of the Church in regard to this sacrament. Couples are asked to participate in a Marriage Preparation Program involving five evenings where married couples meet with the engaged couple to discuss various aspects of married life. Couples also meet for several sessions with the priest celebrating 'their marriage.

Anointing of Sick

Primarily a sacrament of physical healing and spiritual strengtheninq. If you desire this sacrament or know anyone desiring this sacrament, please call the priest. A communal service is scheduled each spring and after the Saturday evening Mass on the fourth Saturday of the month.


A child cannot be presented for First Penance unless he/she has regularly been a part of the religious education program in the school or FFS. A penance program is offered for parents for their own formation and to assist them in providing the proper environment for their children. Parents are obliged to attend these sessions. Parents are to see that normally a minimum of three months intervenes between the reception of First Penance and First Communion. All children should receive the sacrament of Penance by their tenth year.


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is designed for individuals who are considering becoming Catholic. Information meetings are held in June, July and August. This process is designed for individuals who are considering becoming Catholic. Who should attend?

  • Persons who have never been baptized as Christians
  • Persons who have been Baptized in another Faith and are now interested in the Catholic Tradition
  • Persons who were Baptized in the Catholic Faith but were not raised Catholic and did not receive the Sacraments of Eucharist or Confirmation

RCIA is the process by which an adult joins the Catholic faith. For those not baptized this process leads to the Easter Vigil where they receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Those who have been previously baptized in a Christian tradition are invited into full communion in the Church through the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. RCIA is a journey that the community of Blessed Sacrament also shares as we grow and strengthen our faith. At Blessed Sacrament, participants meet weekly in addition to regular Mass attendance. The sessions provide a relaxed, informative environment. We welcome our new members who bring new life and talents to our church. Please continue to pray for those who are discerning if this is the time to begin the process. We continue to pray that they may be open to accept the beliefs of the Catholic Faith. The process is not limited to a calendar year. Each participant discerns when God is calling him/her to a decision of faith. Please contact Fr. Peter to discuss, or Brenda Antenucci in the parish office for more information.

Prayer for RCIA
O God, we thank you for implanting the gift of faith in human hearts. We thank you for sending Jesus, Your Son, as the fullness of your love. May his life and mission lead us to share in your divine life. Today we ask you to bless in a special way all inquirers, catechumens, and candidates, who have generously responded to the invitation of Jesus: "Come, follow me." Help them to persevere in their journey of faith despite any difficulties. Bless those who minister through the RCIA program so that, under the guidance of your Holy Spirit, they may lead others to a life of faith in Jesus Christ. Grant that all parishioners will take an active role in bringing new members into the Church. Call us all to a renewal of our faith, and inspire us all to be your light in the world. Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.